Yoga In Javea

Javea Yoga Javea spain
After class with Magali Fradet owner of Javea Yoga.

The next stop for my yoga fix lead me to the small city of Javea, Spain where I took a yoga class with teacher and owner Magali Fradet from Javea Yoga ( Magali had a very warm and welcoming way about her. She listened very attentively to the strange Americans visiting her studio and spoke to us for some time sharing some tips about yoga and the area.


She taught a Hatha style yoga class which included some challenging asanas, deep relaxation as well as yoga nidra for 90 minutes. I’ve always felt that taking a 90 minute yoga class allows the body and mind to settle into the practice and more time to touch on every part of the body.




The studio was a mere 50 feet from a beautiful white sandy beach within a vibrant City center on the Mediterranean. There are tons of restaurants, coffee shops and stores to check out within walking distance from JaveaYoga studio.

beach in Javea spain
Beautiful white sandy Beach in Javea, Spain
Javea Spain Beach Boardwalk
Brian and I enjoying a walk on the boardwalk
Tree Pose balancing on a rock Javea beach
Tree Pose – Balancing on a rock at Javea beach
Javea Spain Port
Adjacent to the port where they onload the fish. After yoga, looking at things from a different perspective.

We had been struggling to find some good coffee to brew at home since our arrival in Europe and luckily Magali came to our rescue with a recommendation to visit  Nostro Cafe ( It seems most people in this part of the world focus on espresso based coffee but as Americans we really want our 16 ounce cup in the morning and maybe another in the afternoon. We bought a kilogram of this amazing brew and owe Magali many thanks for getting our mornings off to a much better start. #morningJoe

yoga in Javea spain
Sharing a cup of coffee with hubby at Nostro Cafe in Javea

Magali also managed to get Brian to attend her Friday yoga class which is no small task. I ran a yoga studio for almost 2 years in Vermont and Brian never made it to one class.

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