Rambling through Portugal and Spain


Travels through Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal

Our travels this time around have taken us to Portugal and Spain. We decided to make a couple of stops along the way before arriving to what we planned would be our final destination, Valencia, Spain. We flew into Lisbon, Portugal where we rented a car and drove to our first stop in Sintra.

We stayed in a suite in Maria’s house in Sintra. Maria and her family were warm and welcoming and we were always greeted by their dog Artur.


We enjoyed checking out the historical sites in the city, narrow cobbled streets and the beautiful beaches of Sintra and Lisbon.


Everywhere you walk you can see restaurants, cafes, and panaderia’s (Bakery). I love grabbing an espresso and some baked goods along our trips around town while enjoying the atmosphere.


We took trips from Sintra to Lisbon and found the trains easy to navigate. The graffiti on the trains reminded me of growing up in the Bronx.


Traveling with our two Shih-Tzu’s can sometimes be challenging but who can resist these two.


Finding a yoga studio isn’t always practical when bouncing around so lots of times I have to create my own space for my practice. Always challenging myself to find peace and balance within the sometimes chaotic framework of traveling across the country and living in small spaces with Brian and my two Shih-Tzu’s.


We’ve now made our way to Spain and we look forward to what it has to offer and arriving at our final destination. I’m sure there will be more exciting places to visit, explore, people to meet as well as new challenges.



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