Chair Yoga In A Whole New Way


My travels continue to take me to new levels in my yoga practice.  I made my way to Xativa, Valencia, Spain on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 for a yoga class at Metodo Buddhi Yoga.  I was actually on my way to a different location when I came upon this studio and something told me I needed to take a class there. I arrived just in time and maybe it was luck or destiny but I was able to grab the only spot left in the class. Interestingly, most yoga classes in Spain and Portugal that I’ve seen are completely booked so you have to plan ahead or you most likely won’t get a spot for your mat. @yogaheaven

The class was taught by Cristina Marti in a Hatha Yoga style and in Spanish.  It kicked off with a couple of rounds of Surya Namaskar and then we utilized a chair as a prop for the rest of the way. This wasn’t your typical chair yoga though, the chair yoga that I’m familiar with is utilized to support students who either have trouble with a standard yoga class or who are dealing with injuries. Nobody was struggling or hurt in this group……trust me……it wasn’t an easy session. And although I’m from a Puerto Rican background I am not necessarily used to taking a yoga class in Spanish. It would have been a little easier if Valencian Spanish was remotely similar to Nuyorican Spanglish but apparently these two languages share very few commonalities.

I was truly amazed at how Cristina was able to make the class accessible to all students at different levels of their practice. I have been dealing with some injuries myself lately but I found Cristina’s class just the right yogasana for my body. I felt challenged and completely energized. I also come away with some knowledge about chair yoga poses that can enhance my practice and to share with my students in the future.

Metodo Buddhi Yoga:


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