Small Town That Time Forgot

Aielo De Rugat
The welcome road sign to Aielo De Rugat

Aielo de Rugat is sort of like the small town that time forgot in that it remains a very traditional representation of what rural Spain must have been like generations ago.

Aielo De Rugat Views
During one of our walks we can see the town of Aielo De Rugat from a distance.

When we first arrived we saw no one out and about the town. It was as if the village was empty or everyone was hiding behind their doors. We also found it strange that even on a beautiful sunny day, the locals would have the blinds or shutters drawn from the morning till the evening. Brian and I joked that maybe the locals were hiding from the Americans that were visiting. In actuality the townsfolk were very keen to keep the sun from overheating there houses.

Aielo De Rugat village center
The town center of Aielo De Rugat. Our apartment was to the right of this picture.
Bar Aielo De Rugat
Bar Aielo – The only bar restaurant in town where we enjoyed a great meal and tasty red wine.
Aielo De Rugat mtn views
Aielo De Rugat – Views of the mountains and orange groves near the town.

At first it seems that there’s  not a lot going on but after a few days you start to sense the underlying rhythm that governs all aspects of life in this small corner of the world. The hourly pealing of the church bell in the center of town, the arrival of the bread delivery truck at 9:30 every morning, the nightly walks about the town of the village seniors catching up the day’s events and of course the nightly pickup of the garbage in this immaculately kept mountain sanctuary.

Aielo De Rugat Town Church
Aielo De Rugat Town Church

There is excellent hiking in the “campo” which leads up to the old Castello de Rugat ruin where you can see a castle from the 12th century.  The trek is a little treacherous at times but well worth the climb.

Castelló De Rugat Castle ruin
As we take the final steps we can see the castle from a distance.
Aielo De Rugat castle walls
Aielo De Rugat- inside the castle walls


Hiking trails to Castello De Rugat
Brian hiking up to the ruins of Castello De Rugat.
Castello Castle De Rugat
Castelló (Castle) De Rugat

Everywhere you walked you saw rows and rows of organge, olives and kaki (persimmon) groves with the beautiful mountains always looming in the distance.






We stayed in Aielo De Rugat for 10 days and it was the perfect place to wind down and decompress after our long travels through Portugal and the Andalucia region.

Aielo De Rugat road signed crossed out
The town road sign crossed out. An indication that you are leaving the town.

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