Yoga For The Age Of Transformation

For the past couple of years, I’ve struggled mentally and emotionally with the state of the world and with wondering how as a longtime yoga student and instructor I could contribute to a better world. I started to ask myself some pertinent questions. Namely, ‘How do I expand my practice from the mat into the … Continue reading Yoga For The Age Of Transformation


Small Town That Time Forgot

Aielo de Rugat is sort of like the small town that time forgot in that it remains a very traditional representation of what rural Spain must have been like generations ago. When we first arrived we saw no one out and about the town. It was as if the village was empty or everyone was … Continue reading Small Town That Time Forgot

Juggling Shih-Tzus in Andalucia

After spending 8 days in the cosmopolitan city of Sintra, Portugal we took our traveling circus on the road for a brief 2 day visit to the Algarve region of Portugal before embarking across the wide expanse of Andalucia enroute to what we thought would be our final destination of Valencia on the eastern Mediterranean … Continue reading Juggling Shih-Tzus in Andalucia

Learning To Be A Student Again

Friday, September 29, 2017 I took a yoga class today with Carlos Rui Ferreira from CPYoga in Lisbon, Portugal. My first time taking a class outside of the USA and after a year and a half of teaching and running my own yoga studio in Vermont. As my body ached and I found myself struggling … Continue reading Learning To Be A Student Again

What Vermont Meant To Me

    Vermont was a place for my husband and I to land and regroup after what felt like a failed attempt to relocate to Costa Rica. We came to Vermont sight unseen. All we knew about VT was what we had researched online from Costa Rica. We knew we would still have access to … Continue reading What Vermont Meant To Me